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10 Steps to Installing Your New Paver Patio

  1. Paver PatioCall your utility companies to see if underground pipes and wires are present and have them marked.
  2. Stake out the project area.
  3. Dig down seven inches: four inches for the base, a layer of sand and then the pavers. This helps to assure that the pavers don’t shift over time.
  4. Put down a base material and compact it to 4 inches. This will ensure a smooth top surface and a lesser chance of the pavers moving or cracking.
  5. Make sure the pitch is away from your house. A quarter-inch for every two feet is sufficient to keep your home dry.
  6. Install a tight edging. This will help prevent movement of your patio.
  7. Put down a one inch layer of sand over the base and compact it.
  8. Start setting the pavers. Place them gently into the sand. Don’t slide them from the side, twist them or push them down.
  9. Rent a wet saw if you need to cut the pavers. It’ll make the job so much easier rather than trying to do it with a splitter or mitre saw.
  10. After the pavers have been installed spread sand along the surface and sweep it into the cracks. Doing this allows for drainage but keeps the bricks tight. Run the compactor over the pavers to lock everything in place. Brush in some more sand and compact again until the joints are filled.