Constructing an Interlocking Wall System With Pins

Building an Interlocking Wall With Pins
Building an Interlocking Wall With Pins

Materials Needed:

Crusher Run


Stone Dust

Versa-lok Block



4” Hand level or transit level

String line



Pointed Shovel

AJT’S Step by Step Instructions:

AJT Step 1: Leveling Pad Preparation:
Prepare a leveling pad of very well- compacted gravel or coarse sand, or crushed stone approximately 6” thick and 24” wide. The first course of Versa-lok units should be embedded below grade approximately 1/10 of exposed wall height.

AJT Step 2: Install Base Course:
Place Versa-lok units of your prepared leveling pad. As you continue, level each unit- front to back, side to side and with adjacent units. It is critical to level at this stage. Align straight wall sections using a string line or by sighting the grooves on the top of each unit. If your wall has a corner, begin at corner and work out from that point.

AJT Step 3: Backfill:
Fill in and compact soil behind, and in front of the base course level with the grade in front of the wall. Then place and compact 12” of drainage aggregate behind the units.

AJT Step 4: Installing Successive Courses:
Stack one course at a time. Set units back ¾”. Insert two pins in front holes of units so they fall into the rear slots of the units beneath. Tap pins down with a pin and mallet. Place and compact drainage aggregate behind each course as it’s completed.

AJT Step 5: Installing Caps:
You are almost done! Now complete your wall by placing Versa-lok cap units on the top course. We suggest installing caps with a slight overhang, or you can set them back or keep them flush with the wall face. Use Versa-lok concrete adhesive to secure cap units to wall. And you are done.

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