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Constructing a Walkway or Patio

Constructing a Walkway/Patio

Constructing a Walkway or Patio
Constructing a Walkway or Patio

Materials Needed:

Crusher Run


Stone Dust

Hardscape Material



Hard-toothed rake

1” Screed rails

4” Hand level or transit level

String line


Vibrating Tamper


Pointed Shovel

AJT’S Step by Step Instructions

AJT Step 1 – Plan and Design your Project
Meet up with one of our AJT Certified Stone Specialists to do a Free AJT Layout Design. We will help you decide on a design that will best fit your yard and your style.

AJT Step 2 – Estimate and Order
Estimate and Order: Once you and your AJT Stone Specialist decide on the proper material and best design for your project you will need to figure out when you need the product and how much you’ll need.

AJT Step 3 – Excavation and Base Preparation:
Now your own your own! The AJT Stone Specialist has helped you get this far and it is now time for you to dig out and prepare the base for your new walkway or patio. Using a shovel dig down 6-12” to prepare for the following steps. For a good sub base we recommend you use 2-4” of processed material or crusher run. After the material is down you take your hand tamper or vibrating tamper and compact the sub base evenly. Then place 2-4” of sand or stone dust for your leveling course and fine grade.

AJT Step 4 – Laying the Pavers:
Now that all the hard shoveling, grading, and tampering is over you are ready to make this project shine. Begin Placing the pavers on the fine raked bed in the pattern you and your AJT Stone Specialist selected. Once you get the rhythm of laying the pattern you are ready for the final step.

AJT Step 5 – The Final Touch:
The last step is to take your finish joint material (Stone Dust or Sand) and sprinkle it all over your new walk. When you have coated the new walk with your finish material take a broom and sweep it into all of the open exposed joints. Wow, who would have thought you would have done such a wonderful job! Now go ahead and take a picture of your job and either bring it into your AJT Stone Specialist or email it to us to enter into a raffle to win a $50 or $100 AJT Supplies Gift Card!