We offer Seasoned Maple & Oak Hardwood Firewood only (air dried). We sell our firewood by any amount you need… from cords to bundles! Our logs are split and approximately 14-16” in length. We offer delivery as well as pick up. We get in new batches of firewood weekly, feel free to ask the moisture level upon ordering as we test our firewood daily. Due to weather, the moisture levels may vary. Moisture content also varies on season, which is further explained below.

Spring! During the spring season, firewood is a green color and it is much cheaper because it is not ready to burn yet. Plan ahead by purchasing and stacking before heating season, it will save you a good amount of money. When heating season comes around, it will be perfectly ready to burn.

Make sure to stack your firewood where it will get exposure to the sun. In order to get it nice and seasoned, you also should not cover your firewood.

Seasoned firewood reads up to around 20% moisture. This is different than the green wood you would have purchased ahead of time in the spring. This wood is almost ready to burn and it’s prime time to buy is July and August. The best time to burn this wood would be October after it is left out to dry. Although this may be more expensive, it is less wait time to burn.

Buying Firewood this late in the season (Around October) usually means the wood will have higher moisture levels. It may be harder to work with if you didn’t plan ahead and buy during the spring. Although, if you did not think ahead then you can make it work with things such as fire starters. If you are using firewood in an indoor stove, put in firewood with a higher moisture content at night time, as it will create good coal embers and burn slower.

Kiln dried firewood is dried in a kiln naturally and is a highly effective way of drying wood efficiently. With this method, it takes only four to seven days to be ready to burn. This process sucks moisture out of the wood. It is much more expensive than seasoned firewood.

Seasoned firewood is split and typically left in a field for 1-3 years for the wood to naturally release it’s moisture.

Kiln dried is a fast way to get ready to burn firewood. You also can pick your moisture level. Although kiln dried wood is not environmentally friendly and the wood is weaker. It is also much more expensive.

Seasoned Firewood takes a long time to be ready to burn, but it is cheaper and much better for the environment. Seasoned wood can be tested with a moisture level reader.

In order to burn damp wood, you will need lots of kindling (small branches, twigs, or pieces of wood). You can also further split your wood to reach the center of larger logs where it will be the most dry. You will want to build your fire in a teepee shape, placing kindling underneath for better airflow. Light your kindling first! Some other materials you can throw in to help your fire light are: firestarters (things that are fuel based), dry spaghetti, steel wool, cloth, egg cartons and paper.