The Death of DIY

Our business model has changed

With a training center, tool center, and thousands of stones on display, you would think that AJT Supplies was all about providing you with the tools to transform your home. As the years have gone on, we still provide homeowners with materials, but our approach to masonry and hardscape has changed. Now, we strongly encourage homeowners to not only purchase their supplies from us, but to also have us do the work that you want done.


We have had the privilege of selling materials to thousands of customers every year, but we can no longer sit back and watch homeowners build walls with stones that are not spread an equal distance apart, stairs that crack within a year, or patios that lack the attractiveness provided by a professional touch.

Over the years, we have had too many customers call AJT Projects to repair or redo their self-made work. Therefore, what seemed to have cost you less in the short term actually ended up costing you more. While we are more than happy to help such customers, we do not want you to go through this suffering.

The AJT Crew has been providing Massachusetts residents with affordable pricing, outstanding craftsmanship, and legendary customer service spanning seventy years and three generations. Thus, our greatest asset is our experience, as the next job is always easier than the previous one. Whatever you want done, we are willing to bet that we have done it or something similar in the recent past. Repetition leads to mastery and precision, two significant qualities that the average homeowner lacks. Learn from the mistakes of others and let AJT get you the material and then install it too. Not only will that save you money, but your yard will shine like never before.


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