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How to Choose a Bark Mulch

Bark MulchBark mulch generally refers to mulch that made by shredding the bark of hard or softwood trees.  It is the perfect choice for formal perennial beds. It gives that beautiful, uniform look to all your gardens.

Shredded bark mulch is an economical choice. Bark chunks tend to be more expensive. Wood chips can often be found for free but they can include sticks or large wood chunks and fade to a silvery gray that can be unflattering and will need to be replaced more often.

One of the indicators of quality pine mulch is its unique aroma. If you smell something like ammonia it means the mulch was improperly stored. Toxic mulches have a sour vinegar or garbage small, rather than that fresh wood or compost smell. Avoid mulches with that sour smell because they can cause permanent damage to your plants.

The mulch you pick really comes down to aesthetics. You want to choose a color that will complement not only the colors in your home but the colors of your shrubs and flowers. AJT offers a wide array of mulches in different colors. Which color would look best at your home?

Hemlock Mix                     reddish brown

Red Hemlock                     red

Hemlock                              reddish-brown

Spruce                                  goldish-brown

Pure Black                           black