Which Mulch For My Many Moods and Shrubs

With each passing season, I get a little more gray hair. My wife says I look more sophisticated, but I also know it is okay, because it indicates I’m wise. But where does that wisdom come from?

AJT Supplies. Those guys help me turn my nightmare yard into the property of my dreams. You may think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. There’s nothing worse than going to Home Depot and seeing some crappy mulch on sale, and expecting it to do the job for all your spots in the yard, such as small trees, large trees, flower beds and hedges.

Not only does AJT have a great selection, but they know what will work best, in terms of ease of planting, mowing issues, and of course watering. And if they can’t help me, which almost never happens, they always can recommend someone else. Frankly, it’s a joy to deal with them.

The fact is, I’d have a lot more gray hair if it weren’t for them. I’m thankful for the honest, hard-working people Albert has on staff. Don’t know what I’d do without them.

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