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Didn’t mulch this Spring? It’s not too late!

Not too late to mulchWe were working on building a new perennial garden a few months ago and it didn’t get mulched with the other beds. Oh boy, do I regret that! Had I mulched there wouldn’t be grass seedlings popping up everywhere from where we seeded around the edging. Had I mulched, the licorice mint seedlings wouldn’t have taken over. Had I mulched, I wouldn’t have to water as much in this heat because it would’ve conserved moisture and kept the soil temperature more even. But as we finish the new garden in the next week or two it’ll be time to mulch. I like to put 2-3 inches of mulch but with everything grown in already I’m going to have to be more careful l spreading it taking care not to smother any plants. We use the black mulch which will offset the grey pagoda and the light color of the wood timbers and provide a nice contrast. It’ll be beautiful when it’s done!