I Want My Summer Pool Party, But I Have Many Miles to Go

My pool is great, and I finally have my pump, filter and temperature controls down pat, now I’m just counting on some more great weather. Lord knows, we’ve earned it!

But there’s much to do. I want to invite people from work, and that means I cannot leave my patio and walkway in its current shape. It’s been too icky, and too dangerous, for too long. So I’ll take a drive to AJT Supplies this weekend. I love those guys, because they know every product, and don’t just want to sell it, but they want me to be happy.

Sometimes I see something, but it’s not right for my yard, because of the type of plants I have, or perhaps my young kids could get hurt if the stones are not flush. Albert and everyone there have a knack for knowing people. They make sure I get things done right the first time.

Budget-wise, I’m always confident their pricing is on par with Lowe’s etc., and given the level of service, I honestly don’t know how they do it. So this weekend I’ll head to Foxborough, and get this party started!

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