Landscaping 101

I’ve owned my home for about ten years, and each year I get just a little bit better at making my home and property more comfortable, with less time and money invested. Of course, given gas prices right now, I was sure I was in for a rude awakening when I visited my favorite landscape supplier in West Roxbury. But no, I can afford to do what I need to do.

If I made it seem like I know something about landscaping, it’s true, I do. I know who to call, and where to go, to get the best-looking stones, mulch, decking, etc., and I can trust they won’t over-sell me, or waste my time.

Of course if I’m not going to be watching the Red Sox (I can only take so much torture), I’ll have plenty of extra time on my hands. But things will turn around, and I’ll probably stick to lighting the tiki torches and grill, and let the experts guide me on my landscaping issues.

Anyway, my neighbors are always asking me, “How did you get such a nice back yard?” I’ll tell you what I tell them. Go to the best. Go to AJT and don’t skimp on know-how. That’s Landscaping 101.

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