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What is Screened Loam?

Screened Loam

Loam is all about texture. It is a mixture of clay, silt and sand. This mixture is important because it holds moisture while allowing for drainage.

Screened loam is passed through, in AJT’s case, a ½-inch screen to remove stones, roots and other debris. To get it unscreened means either you’re energetic and plan to remove all the rocks yourself or it means that you’re filling a large hole and don’t care that it’s full of stuff.

Compost is the decomposed result of organic matter. The organic matter could be from a lawn, flower or vegetable garden bed, weeds, or kitchen items such as coffee grounds, vegetable peels, etc.

Mixing loam and compost together provides plants with nutrients and improves the quality of the soil.

Here’s how it’ll affect the senses:

A handful of composted loam should feel gritty in your hand. It will form a ball easily, yet crumble when pressure is applied.

Loam should give off a sweet, earthy smell. If it has a sour smell then the compost is still decaying. It should be spread out and dried until the sour smell goes away.

Screened loam is perfect for flower beds, topdressing planted areas and lawns.

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