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Best times of the year to mulch

Mulched Flower BedThere are two times during the year when mulching the garden and flowerbeds is essential. Mulch in late Autumn to provide protection from Winter temperatures and mulch again in Summer to help plants keep in moisture and to help reduce weeds.

In Fall, a variety of things could be used for mulch. We have so many trees that we like to mulch up the leaves and put them in the gardens. Don’t leave them whole, they’ll just get wet and possibly cause disease. Mulched leaves break down easier and provide vital nutrients to the soil. You could also use straw, shredded newspaper, grass clippings, pine needles, wood shavings or chips and old sawdust.

When mulching in Summer I use bark mulch. It gives a uniform look to all the garden beds. There are several types of bark mulch: pure organic hemlock, red hemlock, hemlock mix, pure black or spruce. Which one you choose depends on the color and scent you like.