Benefits of mulching for you and your garden

Benefits of Mulching for You and your Garden
Benefits of Mulching for You and Your Garden

Want to save time and money? Spend a little of both now and you’ll have more time and money later.

The biggest benefits of mulching are:

Conserves moisture. With the moderate drought we’re in you don’t want to be out there watering all the time. There will probably be a ban soon anyway. Mulch reduces water runoff – which means the watering you’re doing is sinking in better than if it were bare soil. There is also a 10-25% reduction in soil moisture loss from evaporation with a 2-4 inch layer of mulch.

Conserve time.  Although you can apply mulch any time of the year, the best time is late spring after the soil has warmed. Apply mulch in the Spring and weeds will have a tough time getting through during the rest of the year. No weeding, more time for you!

Improves curb appeal. Curb appeal on your home will increase after mulching. The colors in your shrubs and plants will pop, and it gives your yard that “finished” look.

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