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How to Build a Fire Pit

How to Build a Fire Pit

There’s nothing better than sitting by a fire on a cool Fall evening enjoying the company of family and friends … and maybe a marshmallow or two.

Determine the Location
Make sure it’s far enough away from overhanging trees and anything that could catch fire with flying embers. Lay out the first layer of blocks to find the size of the fire pit and to establish where the sod and soil will be removed.

Build the Foundation Pad
Mark the location of the outside of the blocks with a shovel. Remove the blocks and sod. Dig a trench that is 3-inches deep and 7-inches wide and make it level. Fill the trench with crushed rock and compact it using a hand tamper. The soil beneath the foundation pad must be a good quality compactable material. If it’s soft soil it will need to be removed and replaced with more crushed rock. You need a good foundation to ensure a stable wall for years to come.

Level the Foundation Pad
Place 4 blocks at the cross points of the circle. Place a straight 2×4 between two of the blocks and check to make sure it’s level. Make adjustments where needed by adding or removing crushed rock. Repeat with the other two blocks.

Build the First Layer
Place the first layer of block on the foundation pad. Check each block to make sure it is level from front to back and side to side before placing the next block. This ensures a level base course.

Build the Second Layer
Stack the next layer of blocks, adjusting where needed. The second layer should stagger the first layer. When completed, remove any sod or vegetation from the middle of the fire pit. Put in approximately 50lbs of clean rock within the fire pit area to cover the bottom of the fire pit and rake smooth.

Finish with Wall Caps
Finish your fire pit with Wall Caps. Once the caps are installed secure them in place with a bead of masonry adhesive. The fire pit is complete and ready to enjoy. Add kindling, some firewood and light it up!

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