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Design and Define with a Landscape Wall

landscape wallWhen you add a patio rather than just letting it spill into the rest of the yard give it a landscape wall! A landscape wall will define the area and give some privacy as well. It will also give a place on the other side for some great plantings.

From the patio side, the landscape wall will give it a feeling of an outdoor room. Whether your patio is a casual place to sit, dine, entertain or lounge, the landscape wall will give it that feeling of coziness. Add an Outdoor Fire Pit or Outdoor Kitchen and the possibilities of your new room are endless!

From the backyard side, you are invited in to enjoy the new space. You’re also given a backdrop of which to plant shrubs and flowers. Put some perennials and annuals against your new wall for a splash of color or plant differing textures of evergreens for an interesting mix.

From either side of your new landscape wall you’ll enjoy the definition it gives your yard.