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Give that bare area a finished look

Crushed Stone WalkwayBehind our garage we had an area that was a barren dust bowl. It was well shaded with beech trees that have a shallow root system. Because the roots are so close to the top they compete with anything you want to plant under them. Our solution: create a raised bed. We had tons of compost so we combined it with topsoil and filled the bed with the mixture. We planted shade loving vinca and bugle weed and have a beautiful spring display of purple flowers. After creating the garden we were left with an ugly barren walkway and we went looking for a solution that would give that area a “finished” look. Crushed stone provided an easy-to-walk-on area and gave it the look we were after. Stone dust could also be used. Either one would be easy to spread and give a flat area to bring wheel barrows over and easy to get the lawn tractor through. We love our “finished” walkway!