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Easy Maintenance – Retire Your Weedwacker!

Low Maintenance EdgingHave you ever wished you could reduce the time you spend trimming edging with a weedwacker? So did we! Edgings look great but need maintenance so we looked around for a low-maintenance solution. What we found was brick pavers! They’re not quite as thick as a brick. The ones we used were about 1” thick as compared to a regular brick which is about 2”. That makes installation a little easier, especially if you don’t have an edging in place. To do this in your yard run a straight line, remove any sod to a depth of about 2-3”, put in roughly 1-1.5” of stone dust depending on slope, terrain, etc. This will help keep the pavers flat and prevent shifting. Then set the pavers, backfill with loam, mulch the garden and you’ve got a beautiful, low maintenance solution for your gardens. The mower runs right over the pavers, no need to get out the weedwacker any more.