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Want to Put Boulders in your Yard?

Want to put a Boulder in Your Yard?

Whether you’re looking for low maintenance, zen appeal or stability boulders can be a great choice to use in your landscape. Here are some tips to choose the right one:

Choose local. Yea, I know. Local? But you want something that looks like it fits in, right? If you pick something that looks like it’s from Arizona and you live in Massachusetts it’s going to look out of place. So pick something that looks like it belongs here.

Buy local. Rocks are heavy and the cost of getting it delivered is based on distance. Rock delivery companies in your area have experience to move and set your boulders which can save money.

Check the scale of the boulder. The most common error is using an undersized boulder because of the expense to get them delivered and placed. If it’s too small you’ve wasted the money. Check with your local professional to make sure you get just the right size.

Is the space accessible to delivery equipment? The weight of boulders can be underestimated by the homeowner. Driveways, lawns, septic systems and not enough access for the equipment can be obstacles to placing boulders.

Boulders need to be planted. You read that right. Boulders don’t just sit on top of the ground, they need to be planted. The stone’s face should be positioned for good visibility. The rest gets planted in the ground to anchor it both physically and visually

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