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Do you have focal points in your yard?

Landscaping focal pointOne of the principles of landscaping is to draw the eye to a focal point. I found this beautiful blown-glass orb in New York and absolutely fell in love with it. I placed it with contrasting colored blooms of white and yellow to give it a boost. The irises on the top of the wall mimic the top of the glass orb while the peonies under it make it look like a giant water drop landing on top of the plants.

You could use several things as focal points. A garden sculpture, birdbath, even a retaining wall could create a focal point. Add color and texture and you’ve created an eye-catching area. Walls can create dimension. Height is created with plantings on two different levels. Curved walls can add a sense of motion. Retaining walls are also practical. You can use them to hide a foundation or porch. Or they can alter the grade providing more usable space in the yard.