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Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips

Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips to keep your lawn looking green and lush:

Your lawn has gone through a lot of stress this Summer with plenty of heat and little rain. It’s looking for the nutrients it needs to recover so it’s time for a good feeding. If weeds are a problem there’s a Fall fertilizer with weed control. If you get an application down early enough in September you can apply another one in November to give the roots a good dose of nitrogen for an early spring green up and a healthier lawn.

Test the Soil
This is an important step. If you need to reduce acidity, this is the best time to apply lime. If alkalinity needs to be reduced, apply sulphur. Most soil tests will report the lime requirement so you know how much to apply.

Remove excessive dead grass known as thatch. You can rent an aerator or dethatcher to help with this.

Overseeding the lawn will strengthen it for the following growing season. Remember to keep the new seedlings moist by watering frequently if you don’t get help from Mother Nature.

Remove leaves from the grass before winter as leaves can kill the grass if left as they get matted down under the rain and snow.

Lawn Mowing in Fall
Cool season grasses should be cut no lower than 2½ inches. The rule of thumb is to keep the lawn at 3-3½ inches in the hot weather and 2½ inches during the Fall. If it’s kept too long into the Winter it will mat down under the snow and cause damage or snow mold.

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