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Leaf Clean-Up Choices

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Fall Leaf Clean Up Options

If you’re the do-it-yourselfer there are several ways to tackle all those leaves that are falling. Whether you prefer the exercise or the noise there are choices.
There are basically three choices in rakes:
1. Plastic rakes are the cheapest. Because they’re mass produced you’ll be able to find them everywhere.
2. Bamboo rakes are the most comfortable because they are light and have old-school appeal.
3. Steel rakes are more durable than the two other choices. They are also heavier and more expensive.

Tips: Don’t get a rake that’s too narrow or you’ll be raking forever. On the other hand, a wide rake will make the job quicker but is more difficult to use. Also check for handle length. There should be space between your hands so you have good leverage. Look for a rake with a padded handle or wear gloves to prevent blisters. And be careful to switch arm and leg positions often so you don’t constantly use just one set of muscles.

Gas powered or electric:
1. Electric blowers are cheaper and lighter than gas blowers but don’t have as much blowing strength. You also have to worry about getting power to where you’re working.
2. Gas blowers are more powerful and will get the job done easier and quicker. They are also bulkier and require a special fuel mix and more maintenance than an electric blower. Gas blowers also come in handheld or backpack models.

Or you could use another noisy machine: your lawn mower. A mower with a mulching blade and bags can mulch the leaves and quicken the composting process for you. Depending on the amount of leaves on your lawn it could be a lot more work because you’ll have to dump the bags in the compost pile quite often.

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