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5 Easy Steps to Care for a Paver Patio or Walkway

5 Easy Steps to Care for a Paver Walkway or Patio

If your paver patio or walkway has been around a few seasons it’s probably starting to show its age. Weather and everyday use may cause stains and cracks and with a little effort it can look great again.

Here are the 5 easy steps:

1. Replace. Did you buy extra pavers when your patio or walkway was done? My guess is over the years a few have chipped or cracked so you’ll need to replace them. With a hammer or chisel carefully remove the old paver and replace it with the new one.

2. Clean. Pull any weeds or grass that’s growing between the pavers. Then sweep or blow the area removing all dust, leaves and other debris.

3. Wash. Using dishwashing soap, water, and a stiff brush scrub away any stains and give the pavers a good wash.

4. Remove stains.
• Use kitty litter to remove any oily stains. Leave it on overnight if necessary and sweep up. A degreasing product such as Lestoil used with a scrub brush could be used if any stain remains. If it’s a big stain it may be easier to just replace the paver.
• If you have a rust stain be careful of the product you use. Many of these cleaners can damage pavers. If the above treatments don’t work on the stain your best bet is to shop for a product specially made for your type of paver. To avoid rust stains make sure the metal feet from your grill or outdoor furniture are sealed with a rust inhibitor.
• Use paint thinner to remove paint stains. Apply the paint thinner to a rag and carefully wipe the paint stain away. Wash the area well after the stain is cleaned.

5. Seal. After the pavers are completely dry apply a sealer specifically made for your type of paver. Keep everyone and anyone off the patio until the area is completely dry.

Following these steps on a regular basis can keep your patio or walkway looking like new. If you’re the more aggressive type and are thinking of using a pressure washer instead of a hose – don’t. The force of the water can damage the pavers and remove the sand.

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