How to Choose a Landscape Supplier

Are you an impulse buyer? If so, you buy small items located at or near the checkout counter, at the last minute, that you had not planned to purchase.

There is nothing wrong with this method, if you end up happy with those purchases. But many times, these items are not good for us (Reese’s), or don’t last as long or work as well as some others (pens, eyeglass repair kits, videos, etc.).

Why is this? Generally because they tend to be very low price, which at times is incompatible with high quality.

When you are considering where to buy your mulch, stones, shed, fire pit or grass seed, or where to rent a dumpster or tiller, you need to think about price, and quality, but also service, convenience, and community commitment.

We pride ourselves on knowing what you need for your property, and helping you get it easily, inexpensively, and with the least amount of effort. We have no competition when it comes to our free delivery in 60-minutes, useful and informative web site, and involvement in the community with such projects as the Concept Home, Adopt a Highway, etc.

Make a point of visiting us in Mansfield or West Roxbury in the next few weeks. You will like what you see. And remember, you can trust any impulse buys at AJT–we don’t skimp on quality.

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