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Why choose a paver driveway?

Why Chooose a Paver Driveway?

Is it time to install a new driveway? Consider these facts before deciding which way to go:

A paver driveway requires the least amount of ongoing maintenance, compared to the other hard surface driveways. Asphalt and concrete break down from wear and weather and will crack; fluids from your vehicle can eat holes in an asphalt driveway. Asphalt is the most common choice but it requires seal coating every two or three years and patching to keep up with the cracks and holes.

Concrete pavers are inner-locked with joint sand and a compacted aggregate bed, allowing for movement caused by temperatures changes or weight from being driven on. If fluids do land on the pavers they can be cleaned with detergent and flushed with water. In the event that a paver cracks or breaks, or won’t come clean from severe staining you simply remove and replace it with another one.

A concrete driveway is poured with 3,000psi, while concrete pavers strength is 8,000psi.

Cracking and deterioration will happen over time from freezing and thawing conditions and use of de-icing products like salt, magnesium chloride and other chemicals. Concrete pavers are extremely durable and are resistant to damage from de-icers.

A concrete paver driveway is more beautiful than an asphalt or concrete driveway. No argument about that.

Increase the Value of your Home
The curb appeal alone from a paver driveway will enhance the value of your home.

Choices of colors
Ever tried to get an asphalt driveway in any other color than black? Concrete pavers come in a wide variety of colors sure to enhance any home.

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