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Protect Your Flower Beds through the Winter

Leaf Mulch for Winter

Do you have bulbs or perennials in your flower beds? The best way to protect them from fluctuating temperatures is by mulching. Fluctuating temperatures can heave your plants and bulbs right out of the ground and damage or kill the plant. Three to four inches around trees and one to two inches in your flower beds is sufficient. If you mow and bag your leaves you get a great shredded/mulched mix … [Read more...]

Are your Brick Steps showing signs of Age?

Brick Steps in Need of Repair or Replacement

In this climate brick steps can deteriorate quickly due to temperature changes and use of the wrong snow melt product. Bricks will expand and contract with the weather causing the mortar or cement to crack under the pressure. This can also happen due to settlement or moisture. To eliminate this problem a cast stone stair kit can be installed. The 6-inch treads are sold in bluestone or chestnut … [Read more...]

Prepare your garden for Winter

Prep Your Garden for Winter

Getting the garden ready for Winter can save some work next Spring. The cool, crisp air makes wrapping everything up a lot easier and leaves you more time in the Spring when there’s so much to do. Here’s what needs to be done: TOOLS AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT Drain and put away hoses, decoration and plant supports. Empty and clean any decorative containers you plan to use next year. Use 9 … [Read more...]

What is Screened Loam?

Screened Loam

Loam is all about texture. It is a mixture of clay, silt and sand. This mixture is important because it holds moisture while allowing for drainage. Screened loam is passed through, in AJT’s case, a ½-inch screen to remove stones, roots and other debris. To get it unscreened means either you’re energetic and plan to remove all the rocks yourself or it means that you’re filling a large hole and … [Read more...]

October Monthly Special

Screened Loam

SCREENED LOAM: Buy 4 or more yards get one yard free … [Read more...]

How to Build a Fire Pit

How to Build a Fire Pit

There’s nothing better than sitting by a fire on a cool Fall evening enjoying the company of family and friends … and maybe a marshmallow or two. Determine the Location Make sure it’s far enough away from overhanging trees and anything that could catch fire with flying embers. Lay out the first layer of blocks to find the size of the fire pit and to establish where the sod and soil will be … [Read more...]

A Pergola will add Elegance to your Backyard

A Pergola will add Elegance to your Backyard

A pergola is a structure with columns on the side and lattices or beams across the top. It makes a perfect airy, outdoor room. Add some climbing plants such as wisteria, honeysuckle or morning glory and let the scents waft in for a relaxing, intimate setting. Even hanging plants look fantastic under a pergola. The pergola doesn’t provide solid shade or protection from the rain but once the … [Read more...]

Planting Grass Seed in the Summer

Planting Grass Seed in the Summer

Can you plant grass seed in the summer? Sure you can, but be prepared to give it lots of attention. The key point to get it to germinate is to keep it moist. First, look for a seed that has a coating to keep it moist longer. Loosen the soil and add compost. Make sure the seed is at least ½-inch deep and tamp it in. Then cover it with hay so it doesn’t dry out. Water it every day and, if it’s warm … [Read more...]

Didn’t mulch this Spring? It’s not too late!

Not too late to mulch

We were working on building a new perennial garden a few months ago and it didn’t get mulched with the other beds. Oh boy, do I regret that! Had I mulched there wouldn’t be grass seedlings popping up everywhere from where we seeded around the edging. Had I mulched, the licorice mint seedlings wouldn’t have taken over. Had I mulched, I wouldn’t have to water as much in this heat because it would’ve … [Read more...]

Mimic Mother Nature with Mulch

Natural Mulch

  Trees in their natural environment have a blanket of leaves and organic materials. The typical home landscape is much harsher. It’s usually got poor soil, very little organic matter and fluctuating moisture and temperature.  Applying mulch will:    Reduce weeds. A 2-4 inch layer will reduce growth and germination of weeds.  Moderate soil temperatures. Mulch will keep the soil … [Read more...]

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