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Prepare your garden for Winter

Prep Your Garden for Winter

Getting the garden ready for Winter can save some work next Spring. The cool, crisp air makes wrapping everything up a lot easier and leaves you more time in the Spring when there’s so much to do.

Here’s what needs to be done:


  1. Drain and put away hoses, decoration and plant supports.
  2. Empty and clean any decorative containers you plan to use next year. Use 9 parts water and one part bleach for your cleaning solution.
  3. Remove rust and mud from tools and decorations that were in the ground.
  4. Clean and sharpen pruners, shovels and other tools.
  5. Drain the gas out of power tools, clean blades and oil the metal parts.



  1. Harvest whatever is left of your fruits and vegetables and pull up all the dead annuals.
  2. Clean overgrown areas so you don’t have uninvited guests for the Winter.
  3. Cut back perennials after the first killing frost.
  4. Prune dead or diseased branches on woody shrubs once the shrub is dormant.
  5. Make sure any infected items get destroyed and not put in the compost pile.
  6. Make any planned transplants. It’s a great time while the air is cool and the soil is warm.
  7. Put fencing around shrubs to protect them from the snow.
  8. Spray evergreens with an anti-dessicant and wrap with burlap to protect from drying winds.
  9. Put mounds of mulch around rootstocks of roses.


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