Spring Clean-up for Walkways & Patios

Spring Clean-up for Walkways and Patios

Do you think the lawn and gardens are the only things you need to get in shape now that Winter’s (almost) over? Not quite. It’s time to check your Hardscapes, like walkways and patios, and see where you need to touch things up.

Weeds Before they even get started there are a couple ways to ensure they don’t become a problem. Roundup will take care of anything that’s already sprouted without damaging pavers. If you don’t have any weeds and want to keep it that way you can use polymeric sand between paver joints.

Protect Use a resealer on concrete pavers or natural stones to form a new protective surface. The sealer will reduce the oil and dirt penetration as well as protect from salt next Winter.

Cleaning If you do have some oil and/or dirt penetration an oil and grease remover is effective in cleaning the surface of concrete pavers and can get them looking like new. There are also efflourescence removers to eliminate those spots and get the pavers clean and vibrant again.

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