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End of Season Sale!

End of Season Sale

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The Perfect Time To Mulch


Now that Spring has sprung, it’s a great time to swing by either of our convenient locations and load up on mulch, sand, stones, or whatever you need to get your lawn, shrubs, walkways, gardens and patios looking good. As shipments are coming in daily, we have specials on all your favorites, and a few new ideas and products that are worthy of consideration. Take advantage of our special:  Buy 1 … [Read more...]

I Want My Summer Pool Party, But I Have Many Miles to Go


My pool is great, and I finally have my pump, filter and temperature controls down pat, now I’m just counting on some more great weather. Lord knows, we’ve earned it! But there’s much to do. I want to invite people from work, and that means I cannot leave my patio and walkway in its current shape. It’s been too icky, and too dangerous, for too long. So I’ll take a drive to AJT Supplies this … [Read more...]

Landscaping 101


I’ve owned my home for about ten years, and each year I get just a little bit better at making my home and property more comfortable, with less time and money invested. Of course, given gas prices right now, I was sure I was in for a rude awakening when I visited my favorite landscape supplier in West Roxbury. But no, I can afford to do what I need to do. If I made it seem like I know something … [Read more...]

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