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Choosing a Leaf Blower

Choosing a Leaf Blower

There are so many choices when it comes to picking a leaf blower: gas or electric, corded or cordless, with a vacuum or without, or handheld or a backback. Here’s help with the overwhelming choices:

Gas or Electric
If your hard doesn’t reach beyond 150 feet you can choose a corded electric leafblower.  An electric unit may also be a good choice if you live in a congested area where a quiet leaf blower would be appreciated. Gas is a good choice if you need to reach beyond 150 feet from a power source or if you have a large yard. You may also want to check with your local city or town offices to see if there are any noise requirements in your area before purchasing a leaf blower. Here in MA one town doesn’t even allow them at all. Hearing protection might also be a wise thing to do if you spent a long time at task.

Blowing vs vacuuming
Some leaf blowers simply blow leaves where you point the machine, others allow you to vacuum them up. Vacuuming gives you more control but the bags are relatively small and would require more work if you’ve got a large area to clean.

Handheld or Backpack
Handheld blowers are smaller and more convenient due to their portability and come in either gas or electric. Backpack blowers are designed so you can use it all day without getting tired.

And then there’s one more choice for the very large yard: Walk-Behind Blower. What could take you 6 hours with an electric could take you 3 with a gas blower and 1 with a walk-behind.

Don’t buy a blower too small for your needs. It’s better to have a machine capable of moving wet leaves than having to wait til they’re dry. A good strong blower can also help clear snow so you might be able to justify the cost with not having to buy a small snow thrower.

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