Planning a Landscaping Project? Start with a Strategy!

Landscaping Gardens

Spring is upon us and if you are planning on a Landscaping Project or Designing Your Outside Space, you can save time and money in creating a Strategy for Success!

Here are seven tips you should consider before you start your design…



  1. The internet is a great source of hundreds of landscaping images others have created. If you don’t know exactly what you want to create, have a look to see what pleases you.  That will generate your creativity and ideas that will be uniquely you!
  1. Consider the space you have and the design of your home. Create a landscape that compliments both.
  1. Do an evaluation of your space. Where are the areas that are shaded as opposed to open to the sun.  Are there areas that can get flooded with heavy rains?  Do you have trees, walkways, a patio, a deck, fences, a pool, a hot tub, a garden shed, etc.
  1. What do you want to accomplish with your space? Do you want a flower garden, a vegetable garden, a children’s play area, an area for entertaining, a privacy space?
  1. Now it’s time to decide how you are going to divide up the space you have and what should be placed where – e.g. a flower garden that requires more sunlight but avoiding the tree that will rob your garden of the sun’s light.
  1. Consider what you need in the individual spaces. What kind of flowers/plants/bushes, trees?  Ask yourself if you desire high maintenance or low maintenance gardens.  Do you want to add materials like decorative brick or stone, a birdbath, a fountain, a pond?   What color schemes are your preference for plants and flowers?
  1. Factor in the growth of what you plant. Spacing is important in allowing your gardens, trees, and bushes to grow naturally and not crowd out or damage growth due to lack of light, excessive flooding, etc.

After all, your goal is to create a Landscaping Project that is a visually stunning space to enjoy and be proud of with no unpleasant surprises or additional expenses and fixing mistakes along the way.

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