How You Can Landscape for Curb Appeal – 7 Creative Landscape Ideas

Landscaping Ideas for HomeNo doubt you have heard the term “Curb Appeal”.  We certainly hear it from Real Estate Agents when they are evaluating the sale of a home.  And if we are looking to buy, a nicely landscaped and well kept property is not only pleasing to the eye but builds interest in seeing the interior of the house. We have 7 creative landscape ideas for you.

If you are a home owner, there is nothing like driving up to your house and seeing how welcoming it looks to you and to your friends and family when they visit.

There are plenty of ideas you may already have for your property and we can suggest a few you may not have considered that don’t have to be too expensive or elaborate to make your front yard attractive.

Consider the size of your house and the size of the property in front of it.  A few simple additions for small space goes a long way, where larger properties may provide more room to add some really interesting features.  And don’t forget to consider low maintenance – a lot easier on the work for you and if you decide to sell, low maintenance for the buyer.

1.  Update and Refresh Your Front Door

It is a focal point of the front of your house.  It could be as simple as a new coat of paint in a pleasant colour and shining up the doorknobs and any other metal.  Or you may consider an upgrade and refresh to a new wood door with a design that fits with the general style of your house.  Or a door with glass inserts above or on both sides.

2.  Install Window Boxes

Install metal or wood window boxes painted or in natural shades under the windows and choose flowers or plants in colours to mesh with the colours of your house.

3.  Install Lighting

You could add or replace an old fixture with a newer style, add solar lights around your walkway or even add a new fixture on a pole somewhere on your front lawn near your driveway or in the midst of a garden area away from the house.

4.  Add Potted Plants or Flowers

If you have a wide stairway, they make a beautiful touch at each side going up the stairs OR if you have a wide walkway, lining it with well spaced tubs can make an amazing change.

5.  Add an “Easy” Garden

Potted gardens are very popular now.  You can buy plants, shrubs and flowers in large tubs from garden centres and group  them in an eye-pleasing design or you can buy the tubs and choose your own favourites.    Choose where they would look best – at the front of the house, in a specific corner of the lawn or maybe think about a small picket fence in a corner.

6.  Upgrade Your Planter Beds

Remove weeds, add mulch, create more colour with new additions and you can even go farther to add bricks or natural stone in a border around the garden.  Arbors, garden gates or decorative fences can also be added.

7.  Add Outdoor Art

A small statue, bird bath or fountain can greatly enhance a garden or lawn with surrounding shrubbery, plants or flowers.  Consider the style of your house and property to decide what will match and stand out, not clash with the overall look “from the curb”.


We would love to hear your ideas and any pictures you may have to show how it turned out for you.


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