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Leaf Clean-Up Choices

Fall Leaf Clean Up Options

Everything you always wanted to know about LEAF CLEAN UP If you’re the do-it-yourselfer there are several ways to tackle all those leaves that are falling. Whether you prefer the exercise or the noise there are choices. RAKING: There are basically three choices in rakes: 1. Plastic rakes are the cheapest. Because they’re mass produced you’ll be able to find them everywhere. 2. Bamboo … [Read more...]

How to Build a Fire Pit

How to Build a Fire Pit

There’s nothing better than sitting by a fire on a cool Fall evening enjoying the company of family and friends … and maybe a marshmallow or two. Determine the Location Make sure it’s far enough away from overhanging trees and anything that could catch fire with flying embers. Lay out the first layer of blocks to find the size of the fire pit and to establish where the sod and soil will be … [Read more...]

Fall Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips

Cool nights and shorter days are the ideal time to overseed, fertilize, lime and aerate. Fall is the best time to tend to your lawn for a better result in Spring. In Fall, the roots grow longer resulting in a stronger, thicker lawn. Overseeding Remember, a dense lawn has fewer weeds! Overseeding will create a thicker, stronger lawn and choke the weeds right out. Choose the right seed for the … [Read more...]

Quick tips for end-of-season care for your garden tools

Quick Tips for End of Season Care of your Tools

Before you go into hibernation spend a few minutes taking care of your tools. These three tips will keep them in great shape to give you another year’s worth of work. Find an old pot or bucket large enough to hold all of your metal blade tools. Fill it with sand and mix lubricating oil (such as WD-40 or vegetable oil) in with the sand until the mixture is moist. Grab your tools and use a putty … [Read more...]

How to Lay a Flagstone Patio

Flagstone Patio

Do you like puzzles? Then you’ll love putting together a flagstone patio. Before you start, take care to protect yourself. Flagstone is heavy so wear a back brace, gloves and goggles. Pick a level spot. If you start with a level area it’ll be easier to make sure the finished patio will be level. Measure, measure, measure. Measure and string out the sides and stake the sides of the patio. … [Read more...]

5 Easy Steps to Care for a Paver Patio or Walkway

5 Easy Steps to Care for a Paver Walkway or Patio

If your paver patio or walkway has been around a few seasons it’s probably starting to show its age. Weather and everyday use may cause stains and cracks and with a little effort it can look great again. Here are the 5 easy steps: 1. Replace. Did you buy extra pavers when your patio or walkway was done? My guess is over the years a few have chipped or cracked so you’ll need to replace them. … [Read more...]

Tips for Caring for your Garden Tools

Tips for taking care of your Gardening Tools

Give a little attention to your garden tools and you’ll add years of life and use to the tools – and they’ll be much easier to use too! Wash after each use. Make sure to always get all the soil off the tool, even if you have to use a screwdriver or larger tool to scrape it off. Make sure your tools are dry before putting away. It’s a good idea to prevent rust and handle rot. Sharpen … [Read more...]

How to install Granite Steps

How to Install Granite Steps

Determine the vertical rise from the surface of the ground to the top of the slope. Use a hammer to drive a short stake into the top of the slope where your top step will be and a long stake at the bottom of the slope where the bottom step will be. Fasten the string to the top stake at ground level. Pull it out to the tall stake, making sure it’s tight. Attach a line level to the string and make … [Read more...]

Planting Grass Seed in the Summer

Planting Grass Seed in the Summer

Can you plant grass seed in the summer? Sure you can, but be prepared to give it lots of attention. The key point to get it to germinate is to keep it moist. First, look for a seed that has a coating to keep it moist longer. Loosen the soil and add compost. Make sure the seed is at least ½-inch deep and tamp it in. Then cover it with hay so it doesn’t dry out. Water it every day and, if it’s warm … [Read more...]

10 Steps to Installing Your New Paver Patio

Paver Patio

Call your utility companies to see if underground pipes and wires are present and have them marked. Stake out the project area. Dig down seven inches: four inches for the base, a layer of sand and then the pavers. This helps to assure that the pavers don’t shift over time. Put down a base material and compact it to 4 inches. This will ensure a smooth top surface and a lesser chance of the … [Read more...]

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