How We Can Create an Edible Park

Edible Park

We recently found a news item that really resonated with us.

A southern California 7.5 acre plot of land was donated to the community Food Bank to create an “Edible Park”.  This park evolved with the help of 15,000 volunteers who plant and cultivate the land to provide food for 200,000 people a month.  You can read more here:

This Edible Park exists year-round…..

But what if in more northerly areas like ours, groups of people could come together to create an “Edible Park” for our communities in the warmer months from May to September?

This could be groups made up of a school, a club, a neighbourhood, an organization or even a community of volunteers who want to give back.  What a great idea for older students on their time off in the summer months to start a project like this and see it through – great community involvement they can add to their skillsets and experience to add to their resume, or retirees who can put their great experience in participating in a worthwhile pastime and help their community.

There may actually be small community projects, similar to this,  that aren’t widely known.  If you know of any local projects like this, we would love to hear about them in your comments.


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