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Didn’t mulch this Spring? It’s not too late!

Not too late to mulch

We were working on building a new perennial garden a few months ago and it didn’t get mulched with the other beds. Oh boy, do I regret that! Had I mulched there wouldn’t be grass seedlings popping up everywhere from where we seeded around the edging. Had I mulched, the licorice mint seedlings wouldn’t have taken over. Had I mulched, I wouldn’t have to water as much in this heat because it would’ve … [Read more...]

The Perfect Time To Mulch


Now that Spring has sprung, it’s a great time to swing by either of our convenient locations and load up on mulch, sand, stones, or whatever you need to get your lawn, shrubs, walkways, gardens and patios looking good. As shipments are coming in daily, we have specials on all your favorites, and a few new ideas and products that are worthy of consideration. Take advantage of our special:  Buy 1 … [Read more...]

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