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Mimic Mother Nature with Mulch

Natural Mulch

  Trees in their natural environment have a blanket of leaves and organic materials. The typical home landscape is much harsher. It’s usually got poor soil, very little organic matter and fluctuating moisture and temperature.  Applying mulch will:    Reduce weeds. A 2-4 inch layer will reduce growth and germination of weeds.  Moderate soil temperatures. Mulch will keep the soil … [Read more...]

How to Mulch Trees and Shrubs

Properly Mulching a Tree

  Mulching is one of the best tings a homeowner can do to keep their trees healthy. Applying mulch retains moisture, provides nutrients, minimizes temperature fluctuation and reduces weeds.   Here are some guidelines for mulching trees:   Determine the area to be mulched. Plan to mulch at least to the drip line (the widest part of the tree). The roots are usually just inches … [Read more...]

End of Season Sale!

End of Season Sale

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Which Mulch For My Many Moods and Shrubs


With each passing season, I get a little more gray hair. My wife says I look more sophisticated, but I also know it is okay, because it indicates I’m wise. But where does that wisdom come from? AJT Supplies. Those guys help me turn my nightmare yard into the property of my dreams. You may think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. There’s nothing worse than going to Home Depot and seeing some crappy … [Read more...]

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