Keyed Basalt Columns Set of 3


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The Aquascape Keyed Basalt Columns allow you to incorporate the sights and sounds of water to any environment, creating a beautiful water feature wherever they are installed. The set includes stones of three varying heights at 6, 12, and 18 inches high. When installed, the water will rise through the core in the largest column and spill into the next smallest column. Aquascape Keyed Basalt Columns are handcrafted and textured from natural stone. No two columns are the same, providing each stone with unique qualities. Aquascape Keyed Basalt Columns can be paired with the Aquascape AquaBasin 30, kink-free tubing and Ultra 400 Pump for a complete setup. Aquascape is passionate about the products we produce, providing unique products, designs, and features that stand above the competition.