Hazy Hill Mosaic

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A rough and rugged fieldstone, Hazy Hill comes in a rich gradient of creams, tans, and browns. As a hard limestone, Hazy Hill gets these characteristics from marine organisms such as coral and other shells made of calcite. These unique properties and colors make Hazy Hill stand out from many of the other types of stone at Vermont Thinstone. If you are searching for a more rustic look, with a timeless appeal, Hazy Hill delivers across the board. A perfect complement for renovations, additions, and foundation work. Easiest to work with when using a mortar gap, dry stack is possible but requires additional trimming compared to other quarried stones.

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10 SqFt Layer Flats, 100 SqFt Flats (Full Pallet), 5 LF Layer Corners, 10 LF Layer Corners, 25 LF Corners (Full Pallet)