There are inherent risks in the participation in or on any interactive device, or inflatable attraction which every patron accepts by participation. Participants and supervisors should be aware that they have a duty to exercise good judgement and act in a responsible manner while in or on the inflatable attraction or activity.

NOTE: Unit requires a dedicated 15 amp outlet. Do not plug other electrical devices into the same circuit or circuit will trip. Call us immediately if you have any difficulties or concerns.

Rules for Inflatable Bouncer: An adult attendant (21 years or older) must be posted at the entrance of the unit at all times. They should control patrons’ behavior; anyone not complying should be removed. Never leave the unit unattended.

  1. All participants should remove all jewelry, glasses and any sharp objects.
  2. Anyone with previous or current physical injuries should not participate.
  3. Participants should be of similar age, size, and stature. Do not allow younger children to bounce with older children. NO ADULTS
  4. Tell patrons to enter slowly and exit the unit in a sitting position.
  5. Prevent obstruction of entrance. Do not allow playing or sitting on the front step or apron.
  6. Prevent users from climbing or hanging onto the walls
  7. No shoes, no food, drink, or chewing gum, allowed on inflatable.
  8. Adhere to recommended capacity: The number of users at any one time should be limited to allow each user enough room to play safely.  4 to 6 children depending on size, 2 Teenagers
  9. Keep users off the unit when it is being inflated and deflated. Deflate when not in use.
  10. No somersaults, Contact or horseplay allowed.
  11. If rental is at night, customers must ensure proper lighting.
  12. Periodically inspect tie downs and ground anchors to make sure they are properly secured. If indoors make sure that the unit has not shifted.
  13. Unit is to be shut down and deflated if winds begin to drastically alter shape (20mph).
  14. If due to rain the unit becomes slippery, do not operate.
  15. Before operation become familiar with the blower and any emergency exits.
  16. Participants must not sit or lie down while others are bouncing around them.
  17. Report all incidents and accidents immediately.

If for any reason Bouncer deflates there is no cause for alarm. Tell participants to remain calm and evacuate them through the exit immediately.

Evaluate the following:

  1. If the electrical cord becomes unplugged, re-plug in.
  2. If the bouncer becomes un-tied onto the blower, re-tie.
  3. If the blower tube becomes kinked, straighten out.
  4. If the circuit breaker has tripped, evaluate and reconnect.

Conditions: In consideration of being permitted access to the use and enjoyment of the above equipment and recognizing and acknowledging that use of this equipment may inherently carry some risk of injury, the undersigned, in his/her personal capacity, and on behalf of any minor users, hereby waives any liability to the owner/operator of said equipment and agrees to indemnify and save harmless said owner/operator, it’s agents, servants and employees from all actions or liabilities for any injury or loss that may result from said use. I, the undersigned, have carefully read and fully understand and agree to the above rules and conditions.

Cancelation Policy: Rentals are Non Refundable, however we do allow (1) date change within one calendar year.

Any Damages will be charged to credit card on file.

If unit is not clean and ready upon pick up time customer agrees to pay a $100 cleaning charge which again will be charged automatically to card on file.