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Viridian Green Energy

Save Green, Go GreenViridian is simple. We help you save money while helping the environment. We call it power with purpose.

Did you know that through deregulation you have a choice where to purchase your energy? Viridian Energy gives you a better choice so you can lower your energy costs. Energy service is broken down into three separate pieces. Your utility company will continue to provide delivery of the energy and any service. But the market is now open to energy suppliers, like Viridian, who compete with each other to provide energy to the grid. Choosing an energy supplier helps reduce costs. With Viridian it also helps you give back to the environment by choosing renewable energy.

Viridian offers two locally produced high quality energy products. Our most popular is “Everyday Green”. It is 20% renewable energy, offered at a variable rate. We also offer “Pure Green Energy” for those that want to do a little more. Pure Green is Green-E certified 100% renewable wind-backed energy.

Most folks think green energy comes at a premium. But the Viridian difference means that our energy is a minimum of 20% renewable and costs you less than your local utility.

Enrollment is safe and easy. There are no enrollment fees, no long-term commitment and no deposit required (for residential customers). You can enroll either online or by phone. You get the same bill, the same service. Not that much has changed, except the source of our energy. Sign up today or download our brochures below for more information.

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