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AJT Supplies at Oak Hill Nursery

GRAND OPENING JUNE 22 at our new location at 210 Providence Highway, Westwood. We will be BBQing all day - stop in for a bite to eat while you check out our new store! In addition to our line of landscape and masonry supplies we are adding a nursery! Come in and find all the products you need to make your yard beautiful. … [Read more...]

Protect Your Flower Beds through the Winter

Leaf Mulch for Winter

Do you have bulbs or perennials in your flower beds? The best way to protect them from fluctuating temperatures is by mulching. Fluctuating temperatures can heave your plants and bulbs right out of the ground and damage or kill the plant. Three to four inches around trees and one to two inches in your flower beds is sufficient. If you mow and bag your leaves you get a great shredded/mulched mix … [Read more...]

Reasons to Mulch in the Fall

Reasons to Mulch in the Fall

You’ve got free mulch coming! Really. All those fallen leaves can be put to good use for a Fall mulch. When you mulch in the Spring or Summer it is to help control weeds. There’s a different reason for Fall mulching. In the coming months temperatures will fluctuate tremendously. The ground will heave as it freezes and thaws forcing the roots of many plants up out of the soil and exposing the … [Read more...]

Mimic Mother Nature with Mulch

Natural Mulch

  Trees in their natural environment have a blanket of leaves and organic materials. The typical home landscape is much harsher. It’s usually got poor soil, very little organic matter and fluctuating moisture and temperature.  Applying mulch will:    Reduce weeds. A 2-4 inch layer will reduce growth and germination of weeds.  Moderate soil temperatures. Mulch will keep the soil … [Read more...]

How to Mulch Trees and Shrubs

Properly Mulching a Tree

  Mulching is one of the best tings a homeowner can do to keep their trees healthy. Applying mulch retains moisture, provides nutrients, minimizes temperature fluctuation and reduces weeds.   Here are some guidelines for mulching trees:   Determine the area to be mulched. Plan to mulch at least to the drip line (the widest part of the tree). The roots are usually just inches … [Read more...]

Mulch Work To Do


By now everyone knows that it's not April showers that bring May flowers, it's more like, if you don't like the weather in Boston, wait five minutes. But this is not all bad. There are many great opportunities to work on your lawn, gardens and shrubs, and right now now it's an especially good time to add mulch and loam. We offer a great selection, fantastic pricing, and expert advice in both … [Read more...]

The Perfect Time To Mulch


Now that Spring has sprung, it’s a great time to swing by either of our convenient locations and load up on mulch, sand, stones, or whatever you need to get your lawn, shrubs, walkways, gardens and patios looking good. As shipments are coming in daily, we have specials on all your favorites, and a few new ideas and products that are worthy of consideration. Take advantage of our special:  Buy 1 … [Read more...]

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