Uses for crushed stone

Uses for Crushed Stone

Uses for Crushed Stone






Crushed stone is used in landscape design and gardening. It us used in gardens and park projects for walkways, paths, driveways and as a mulch substitute. Among its’ benefits are erosion control, water conservation, weed suppression and aesthetic appeal. It is also used in rock gardens.


crushed stone   ½” crushed stone is used for driveways, drainage and can be used to make asphalt.




3-8 inch crushed stone   3/8” crushed stone is blue to gray in color and is used for driveways, drainage and is often mixed with asphalt.



blue stone   ¾” blue stone is used for driveways, walkways, drip edges and as a mulch substitute for planting beds



native stone ¾” native stone is a salt and pepper color. It is used in driveways, patios and walkways.



stone dustStone dust is used as a base for pavers and a base for concrete paved roads